Cork Boards

“Beyond The Electronic Bulletin Board”

Physical postings faster than any Pentium chip.

Our cork boards are made of the highest quality all natural self sealing cork veneer laminated to a special cellulose panel that permits easy penetration of push pins.

All corkboards have metal hanging fixtures attached on the back. Screen printing including all PMS color matches. Imprint area is the entire live copy area of any given size.


(click on an image to see it larger)Keith Haring: 3648C  (36″ x 48″); News From: 2436C (24″ x 36″);
Diet Coke: 1824C  (18″ x 24″)


GNYHA: 1824C (18″ x 24″)



Beringer Blackboard/Corkboard: 1824 Combo  (18″ x 24″)


Resident Announcements: 2436C  (24″ x 36″); Mississippi: 1824C  (18″ x 24″);
Apple of Your Eye: 1218C (optional woodtone stain finish)   (12″ x 18″)