Dry Erase Boards

“Wipe-off Revolution”
Change without reprogramming….

Our wood framed dry erase boards are manufactured from 1/8″ high gloss white melamine. This is the professional state of the art wipe-off board. It never leaves a “ghost” image like laminated white cardboard.

This style board is becoming ever so popular with grid, graph and chart formats.

All melamine boards have metal hanging fixtures attached to the back. Imprinting capabilities include all the latest computer generated graphics including four color process. Imprint area is the entire live copy area of any given size.

(click on an image to see it larger) Biz Mixometer: 2436M  (24″ x 36″) with optional wooden marker rail



Shoprite: 1218M   (12″ x 18″)



Gexpro: 1218M (12″ x 18″) with black stain option



Previous Shift: 2436M (24″ x 36″)



Bailey’s: 1824S Wood framed steel magnetic dry erase (fluorescent markers only)



Kaleidoword: 2436M  (24″ x 36″) with optional black stain frame


McLaren: 2436M (24″ x 36″) with optional black stain frame


Thomas Jefferson: (18″ x 24″)



Feel Right at Home: 2436M (24″ x 36″) with optional black stain